An organized kitchen is essential for cooking, entertaining and everyday living. When the kitchen is out of whack, you feel out of whack. It’s harder to be productive and inspired in a messy environment. 

Now picture a kitchen that’s also small in size. The organization game gets even tougher. It becomes overwhelming to think about where you’re going to store items without creating more piles and clutter. See six insanely clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen so you can effortlessly cook, enjoy and entertain.

Cabinets & Drawers

Disorganized cabinets and drawers is a big pet peeve for most homeowners. It becomes difficult to find anything, or get to your other dishes, when stuff is thrown everywhere. It can also feel pretty frustrating when you’re in a hurry or have guests coming over. 

First things first, get those pots and pans in order with one of the many gadgets that are out there. Lowe’s has some great pullout shelves and cabinets that will have you jumping for joy! No longer do you have to spend time digging and clanging to reach that one specific dish you need.

Another practical option is to purchase a pot rack so you can hang your pots and pans for a clean and modern look. And let’s not forget about that silverware. Shop any home store for drawer organizers or inserts that divide and help you use the space more effectively. 

Coffee Mugs

Coffee and tea mugs are the one kitchen item most of us can’t live without. Even if you don’t use them often, my guess is that you have them in the house for family and friends to use. Sometimes it can be tricky to find a home for them in your kitchen because you have so many them or they’re mismatched.

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The first step is to take the time and get rid of or donate any mugs you don’t use, in order to make more space for the ones you love. If your kitchen is tight on storage space, think about using the wall or shelving for a pretty display. I found these attractive shelves for storing coffee mugs and creating your own mini coffee bar. The creamer and sugar are displayed on the top shelf and the mugs are face down on the second shelf. They’re cute, accessible and will come in handy when you need a matching set. If wood isn’t your thing, then go for something a little more delicate looking. 


We’ve all battled it out with our Tupperware at some point in our lives. I’ve witnessed situations where the Tupperware comes out on top and the person on the other end is left feeling annoyed and irritated. But don’t worry, this scene can be avoided with a little planning and organizing.

Drawers and cabinets that are overstuffed with old plastic containers can be taken care of in a few simple steps. Start by narrowing down the location where you want to store the items. Shop for storage holders and dividers that will separate and organize the space for you. The image above is an example of a homeowner who won the battle and installed dividers in the bottom of their kitchen drawer. I think this is a great idea! It makes it so much easier to find and store the different pieces and sizes of Tupperware.


BuzzFeed did the work for us and came up with 27 hacks to keep your fridge clean and organized. Apparently mason jars are the longest-lasting way keep salads fresh for up to two weeks! Also, the bacon (cold cut) savor looks pretty fantastic for keeping gross juices from leaking out all over your fridge. I think the most important message here is to make a schedule for cleaning your fridge so that you keep it tidy and remove any expired or old items.

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Find a place or a practical way to store your beer, wine and spirits. There are beautiful wine racks and fridges out there for you to invest in. See tips fourteen and fifteen in the Buzzfeed article for gadgets that can help you keep wine and beer from spilling and rolling around in your fridge.


Under the sink is a spot that doesn’t always get enough attention when you’re cleaning, but gets a lot of attention when you need a spot to store random stuff or garbage. I really like the idea of installing pullout drawers or baskets in this space. That way you can neatly organize your supplies and don’t have to be reaching and stumbling for items near the back of the cabinet. Be careful not to overstuff the area as you fill it. When spaces get crowded, the organization goals get disrupted.


The storage options for spices are endless. The hardest part is making the time to find the perfect holder and actually rearranging the individual containers. I think wall-mounted magnetic spice racks are an amazing idea! Check out all of the magnetic spice rack designs on Pinterest. If you prefer to keep your spices hidden then think about using drawers, shelves or pantries to help you organize.  


Tiny kitchens can be challenging to work with, but as you read in this article, there are actually many creative solutions available to you. Implement some of your favorite ideas and start working your way to a more peaceful and orderly kitchen in no time.

Ready to get organized? Find a pro near you who can assist with your next home improvement project.

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